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Projects:  Harriman´s Northern Tilt 

Projects History: Paul Harriman´s Solo Project | Pete Haycock′s True Blues | Veronica Gonzalez 

Bassist Paul HarrimanProjects

Harriman´s Northern Tilt

Northern Tilt is, Colin Weavill (guitar), Klaus Marquardt (violin), Andy Schoy (drums) and Paul Harriman (bass).

Colin Weavill Klaus Marquardt Andy Schoy Paul Harriman

Bassist Paul HarrimanProjects History

Paul Harriman´s Solo Project

At the moment I'm recording my “solo” album in Small World Studio, having spent some time collecting material and writing my own songs. “Northern Tilt”, Colin Weavill (guitar), Klaus Marquardt (violin), Andy Schoy (drums) and Paul Harriman (bass) make up the nucleus of the recording group along with co-producer/guitarist Oliver Utzt.

Bodo Schopf Bert Smaak Wolf Simon Flo Dauner Flo und Bert

Fraser Cameron But, it occured to me that since I've worked with so many great musicians in my 23 years in Germany, why not ask them to contribute! Of course we started with the drummers, and so far Bodo Schopf, Bert Smaak, Flo Dauner and Wolf Simon have come along to Small World to lay down tracks. Colin and Ollie have recorded acoustic guitars and “Raab Band” and “DSDS” guitarist Philip Niessen is due to come in early January. Meanwhile I'm practicing my singing and working on lyrics and vocal harmony parts. Soon we'll be starting to arrange string parts with Klaus, and Andy is also due to make an appearance in January.

Apart from my own songs, I've chosen to do versions of 3 songs from my old friend Fraser Cameron who tragically died in March of this year. Also, a song from 70's British cult band “Patto” and surprise surprise!... 1 song in German. I'm not yet ruling out the possibility of inserting a “John Hiatt” cover either, he is after all one of my all time favourites.

Pete Haycock′s True Blues

Teamed up 2007 with ex Climax Blues Band guitarist Pete Haycock and Glen Turner in Pete Haycock′s True Blues. Recorded live album and toured Germany and Switzerland.

Pete Haycock′s True Blues

Veronica Gonzalez

Played and recorded with Chilean singer/songwriter Veronica Gonzalez.

Veronica Gonzalez


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