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New CD Paul Harriman   Songs

01  Love in Different Ways

02  Got Love

03  Kenny am Pat

04  Give it all Away

05  Gather my Children

06  Sailor Song

07  Simple Live

08  If Time Would Stand Still

09  Three Minute Love Song

10  Why Don´t You Tell Me

11  Für Immer und Dich

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Musicians Love in Different Ways

01  The title track “Love in Different Ways”, was written by my old friend and musical conspirator Fraser Cameron who tragically died in April 2009. Yes it's definitely a love song, but open to a variety of interpretations! Featuring guitar performances by Philip Niessen and Oliver Utzt and Andy Schoy on drums.

02  “Got Love” could be best described as a “ditty” with an Irish touch...dedicated to my grandma and featuring Bert Smaak on drums, Glen Turner on acoustic guitar and “Northern Tilt” comrades Mr. Colin Weavill, Klaus Marquardt and Oliver on guitar, violin and banjo.

03  “Kenny and Pat” is a true story of adolescent love in a dismal Northern English town. Again there's a strong Folk element here featuring lovely acoustic work from guitarists Colin and Philip and mandolin and violin from Oliver and Klaus.

04  “Give it all Away” is my version of a song from British “Jazz-Rock-Comedy” band “Patto” from about 1970. The only reason for doing this song is because I fuckin' love it! Patto scrambled my brains when I was a tender lad, this is my tribute. Featuring Max Hirschberg and Bodo Schopf on keys and drums and Glen, who also got his brains scrambled by Patto's guitarist Ollie Halsall at the Black Swan in Sheffield all those years ago.

05  “Gather my Children” This is a very personal song dedicated to my parents, grandparents and anyone else who doesn't give up! This one has Bert's great drum-take and a battery of guitars from Glen, Philip, Oliver and Colin! Also featuring the Josée Hurlock/Paul Harriman choir.

06  “Sailor Song” is somewhere between a “down and out” Blues and a “tongue in cheek” Fairytale! Wonderful guitars from Colin and Philip and a remarkable 4 over 3 drum-take from Wolf Simon.

Musicians Love in Different Ways 07  “Simple Life” is another Fraser song and one of my favourites. I believe that he wrote this song about himself. I turned one or two key words and made my version about him too. Calo Rapallo, another of Fraser's companions played acoustic guitar while the rest of the guitar arrangement and performance is Oliver's work. Steamroller drums from Flo Dauner and backing vocals from Josée. I also got to play the Steinway Grand Piano...with one finger!

08  “If Time Would Stand Still” This was possibly the toughest song of all to “nail down” The rock ballad approach had to be softened to allow the words to speak for themselves. Drums by Bodo and Andy, guitar and violin from Colin and Klaus, Max's organ, Josée's beautiful vocal and Glen's soulful lead guitar give this song the depth of feeling that I aimed for.

09  “Three Minute Love Song” Also a song from Fraser, a simple declaration of love for his wife Ellen and his kids. A Northern melody beautifully delivered by Tilt members Oliver, Klaus and Andy. I dedicate this song to the Ellens in my life.

10  “Why Don't You Tell Me” is a protest song...taking a swipe at bigmouths and bullshitters, corporate thieves, political villains and media bombardment in general. Great drums and guitars from Wolf and Philip, violin from Klaus and vocals from Josée.

11  “Für Immer und Dich” Well, I've lived in Germany for 25 years now! Why not do a song in German...thought I. A special friend suggested I try this one and it hit home immediately. Again we tried to play down the rock ballad structure and rely on the feel, brilliantly achieved by Flo on drums, Colin and Philip on guitars, and violin and viola from Klaus.

So that's it! Eleven distinctly individual songs performed by quite a few of my good friends and musical cohorts...Hope you like it, Hope you buy it!

By the way! I played bass and sang!

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